Jed Rembold Ph.D "Sheds Light" on Solar Eclipse

Over 50 Salem community members came to Painter's Hall at Pringle Creek Community to learn more about the upcoming eclipse at yesterday's Solar Eclipse Uncovered event. Jed Rembold Ph.D, a professor of physics at Willamette University, gave a presentation that combined a lighthearted sense of humor with the serious science of eclipses, to make for an informative and engaging explanation of how eclipses work and what we can learn from them. Attendees of the presentation learned why eclipses are so rare (it has to do with the moon's rotational tilt), what scientists can learn from being able to see the sun's corona, and how to safely view the eclipse. Jed even demonstrated how to use an everyday kitchen colander as a pinhole camera! Attendees learned all this and more, with plenty of chuckles along the way with Jed's engaging and lighthearted presentation style. 

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If you weren't able to attend this event, you can still check out a few helpful links that Jed Rembold provided to help people learn more about the eclipse and to stay involved. This article explains how people can help NASA collect data by downloading an app that allows you to record data about temperatures during the eclipse. This is a link to NASA's live stream of the eclipse that will provide high quality images and video of the eclipse as it happens throughout the United States. Another live stream that will provide video taken from weather balloons released across the country, which will provide footage from the vantage point of 100,000 feet above earth.