From making your own produce bags to finding more ways to recycle. Here are some ideas and links to help.

Visit this site to learn more about making your own produce bags or suggestions on which ones to buy.


Have you tried beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap? You can find these for purchase on many sites or learn how to make them here.


Explore programs that provide tips and methods for reducing waste.

Zero Waste PDX

Tips for Using Less Plastic

Use Green Building Techniques in Your Home

Find Out What Else You Can Recycle

Zero Waste Tips

Rethink Your Approach To What You Use

Consider moving towards sustainable energy.

How You Can Go Solar

Use Electric Appliances in Your Home

And for more opportunities to recycle, try these ideas.

Corks:  Recycle at Roth’s Grocery Stores.  Boxes in wine dept.

Leftover prescriptions and over the counter medication:  Walgreens at 1992 Lancaster NE

 Athletic Shoes: Gallagher’s Fitness, 135 Commercial SE

Crayons: Send in your used crayons or start a collection center.  They are melted down, remade and given to children’s hospitals.